The Consumer Movement'

The 'Consumer Movement'

The PWRS Grid

Hi All,

Are you ready for this new day in mental health we're all waiting for?

I'm looking for key people - consumers, mental health advocates, carers, staff, friends, relatives, dogs with owners, anyone with a fire in their belly, to help start up PWRS 'Psych Ward Recovery & Support' aka POWERS!

PWRS is the next exciting life stage of Psych Ward Support, based around an online support group which reaches people around the world, 24/7. Check it out next time you're Facebooking.

Last year, we ran a series of inspiring Campfire Conferences which brought good people together from all perspectives of the psych system, to talk about our future, the future of our mental health treatment. Around a campfire! The ideas we mulled over and the passion of people really made a statement to those who were there, to mobilise this big change we all want. We each saw the motivation in our past, the strengths in our present and the inspiration we all carry for a better tomorrow.

Are you wanting to help spread that inherent passion around? I am!

The PWRS Grid will bring together the talents, the life blood and the communities of people using the psych system and those who have languished in the wards. Think fun & quality consumer led workshops, social groups, psych ward 'recovery', personal empowerment sessions..just to name a few.

This isn't a PRSS, this is you - me - us, doing what we know works and using our own stories to inspire empowerment in ourselves and in our friends. It's not-for-profit in the money sense, but definitely rich in the cultural sense.

Please, have a think if you'd like to help shape this project. We need you, I need you. I can't bear to watch another friend succumb to hopelessness.

Share this email with anyone you think might have a passion for Life, the more we can reach the better. When (if) I get enough replies, we'll set about making a meeting date. Somewhere lovely of course!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Historic Rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House

Historic Rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House


For photographs and reporting of this historic Rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House in regards to Human Rights violations committed against people experiencing issues related to Emotional and Spiritual Well being and with Psychiatric Labels in the Australian Mental Health System. see

For Info about the Australian Mental Health Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition click here

For their facebook page click here

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The 'Consumer Movement'


The 'Consumer Movement'

"Former psychiatric patients in the 19th Century working to change laws and public policies. For example, beginning in 1868, Elizabeth Packard, founder of the Anti-Insane Asylum Society, published a series gjghjof books and pamphlets describing her experiences in the Illinois insane asylum to which her husband had had her committed. A few decades later, another former psychiatric patient, Clifford W. Beers, founded the National Committee on Mental Hygiene, which eventually became the National Mental Health Association. Beers sought to improve the plight of individuals receiving public psychiatric care, particularly those committed to state institutions. His book, A Mind that Found Itself (1908), described his experience with mental illness and the treatment he encountered in mental hospitals. Beers' work stimulated public interest in more responsible care and treatment of people with mental illness.

"In the 1940s, a group of former psychiatric patients founded We Are Not Alone (WANA). Their goal was to help others make the difficult transition from hospital to community. Their efforts led to the establishment of Fountain House, a psychosocial rehabilitation service for people leaving state mental institutions.

"The 1950s saw the advent and widespread use of lobotomy and shock therapy. These were associated with grave concerns and much opposition on grounds of basic morality, harmful effects, or misuse. Towards the 1960s, psychiatric medications came in to widespread use and also caused controversy relating to adverse effects and misuse. There were also associated moves away from large psychiatric institutions to community-based services, which sometimes empowered service users, although community-based services were often deficient. Coming to the fore in the 1960s, an anti-psychiatry movement vocally challenged the fundamental claims and practices of mainstream psychiatry.

"The beginning of a formal movement is often attributed to Howard Gelding, or Howie the Harp, and the formation of the Insane Liberation Front in Portland, Oregon, in 1969. Many other local initiatives followed, many of them with Howie's direct participation, and most owing to his articulation of peer alternatives to traditional treatment methods, and demonstrated success in funding and operating peer-operated service centers. A coalition of such programs meets annually at the Alternatives conference.

"MindFreedom International and the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry have also played important rcgtctgoles in the psychiatric survivors movement.

"By the 1970s, the women's movement, gay rights movement, and disabilities rights movement had emerged. It was in this context that former mental patients began to organize groups with the common goals of fighting for patients' rights and against forced treatment, stigma and discrimination, and often to promote peer-run services as an alternative to the traditional mental health system. Unlike professional mental health services, which were usually based on the medical model, peer-run services were based on the principle that individuals who have shared similar experiences can help themselves and each other through self-help and mutual support. Many of the individuals who organized these early groups identified themselves as psychiatric survivors. Their groups had names such as Insane Liberation Front and the Network Against Psychiatric Assault. They saw the mental health system as destructive and disempowering.

"By the 1980s, individuals who considered themselves consumers of mental health services had begun to organize self-help/advocacy groups and peer-run services. While sharing some of the goals of the earlier movement, consumer groups did not seek to abolish the traditional mental health system, which they believed was necessary. Instead, they wanted to reform it. Consumer groups encouraged their members to learn as much as possible about the mental health system so that they could gain access to the best services and treatments available.

"Recipients of mental health services demanded control over their own treatment and began to have an influence on the public mental health system. They often promoted a recovery model. Whether they considered themselves consumers or survivors, activists demanded a voice and a choice.

"Psychiatric survivors are persons who are disenchanted with psychiatry and mental health to some degree. They are individuals who have survived a psychiatric treatment.

"A consumer is a person who uses the mental health system."


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The Sense of Sensitivity * A proposal on Mad ethnicity originally presented at the PsychOut 2011 conference at CUNY Graduate Center of New York City under the topic of eliminating the insanity defense.

The Sense of Sensitivity


A proposal on Mad ethnicity originally presented at the PsychOut 2011 conference at CUNY Graduate Center of New York City under the topic of eliminating the insanity defense.


Written and presented by:

April Scheller

(Another Mad human rights writer)

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.

A word…

For all my new friends at the 2011 PsychOut Conference and for those whom couldn’t make it there: I wanted to send thanks from the deepest bottom of my heart. Your words and actions that June much awed and very much inspired me. I’ll ever cherish my memories of us together; united as individuals in our diversity, our cheers, our grief and shouts, our crowded singing of civil rights hymnal in protest upon the startled streets of frantically urban and sometimes insensitive Manhattan I hold so very dear inside of me. Though many of us were total strangers and the calico sea of one another’s faces may fade over time or distance… I can still feel the glow in my heart and the echo within my mind of our voice there together and know I am never alone. I do believe that future will be real one day and our children some tomorrow will arrive to a world more sensitive to their Madness and mindful of equality to all. Until then, cherish your thirst for freedom and love of sensitivity… and we’ll make it here where we stand.


Introduction on Mad ethnicity:

Observing arguments and policies essentially designating to us: by the superstitious, segregate souls; by scientists, a segregate class of new genetics; by medicine, segregate rights; by advocacy, segregate choices; in law, segregate status; by politicians, segregate protections; by determinists, castes of endless misfortune; in blood, from our lineages; in consideration as speakers, from our voices; we already have well over and more than enough outside authority to separate our interests as a united Mad ethnicity.

Therefore allow the ethnically Mad and our allies to work together to abolish the insanity defense for crimes of violence: including sex-crimes, and work towards more equalized justice. Repair or reinstate constitutional rights to protect the innocent from abuse. Demand to see equal justice in the justice systems for all people everywhere rather than continue diverting persons into a court of segregate rights to avoid fixing fundamental flaws there and class-based inequalities in legal representation. Educate that a justice system where the court may itself rule not to let a person whom desired to plead innocence, prove innocence, was of course compromised before the court’s plea of insane on behalf of the person.i

Educate that whatever media outlet makes efforts to allow preemptive identification of unknown suspects’ ethnicity through unscrupulous ‘expert opinion’ of the crime itself, is of course inherently biased news coverage. It is also persecution of such minorities to allow self-avowed violent criminals to be by media cast as representatives of their whole ethnicity. Whenever done under the guise of understanding ethnicity itself, this is quite obviously to be received as a deliberately bigoted act targeting entire ethnic groups. Equally protect all innocents: forcing none to be housed with harmful dangerous persons excused by shared ethnicity.

We contribute our talents in the ethnically Mad community to call out for the end of not only sanism, but of terrorism, of torture, wars, war-like occupations, other ethnic bigotry, hate and abuse of human equality. It is a tradition of gentle Mad people caught in historical, or modern hate filled societies finding themselves not as able (being emotionally sensitive individuals) to covertly adjust to the status quo that would keep us in petty social standing: to express distress. Often our ancestors would risk institutionalized harm for trying to break the silence surrounding the exploitation and abuse of our fellow human beings wherever it was first confronted by them. We have been Henry David Thoreauii, and Maya Angelouiii, and Nelson Mandelaiv. Today and forever more lives on a strong multi-ethnic case of drapetomaniav: the love and thirst for freedom.

We know neither a genetically, nor spiritually, nor otherwise excused holocaust of our ethnicity to be any more acceptable than do any supposed normal people whom regularly receive superior treatment, yet who argue it ‘advocacy’ to exclude the ethnically Mad from those same fundamental rights which they are unwilling to themselves forfeit. The Mad and their allies work together for justice and equality: ignoring the divisive fits and sabotage of those whose mentality is clearly all in prejudice. We will not let our voice be eliminated. Our art is to express that to segregate us is to divide the human race: for wherever the human race is divided under any name there we were: defined in some novel new context; and segregated anyway.

Q: What is Mad ethnicity and who is Mad “Jiminy!” Crow?

Since the days of M.L.K. we all know who Jim and Jane Crow were,vi-vii but we can define Jiminy Crow as ANY minority whom is held as equal in legal theories but in reality has been legally and unequally segregated. So the following generalities especially apply to the 1 in 5 currently “mentally disordered” Americansviii who are Jiminy Crows of Mad ethnicity considered equal in public relations but in reality legally segregated as inferior and often abused behind those closed doors of segregation. Segregation of the Mad is most frequently argued openly by reason of (1) physiological distinctness within the human population; (2) behavioral distinctness within the culture; or (3) circumstantial distinctness within the class or caste. Since these are all time-worn arguments of every imaginable authority desiring to segregate us it is clear that we Mad are a distinct if wonderfully diverse Mad ethnicity. ‘Jiminy!’ lives under Crow laws as bad as that of any should he fall victim to them and discover that his equality is a legally unenforceable fiction.

Once upon a past bigoted time there was something now called ‘scientific racism’ix which sought to segregate the rights of minorities by visible physiological traits, the bigots of today have been so opposed that they have gotten sneakier and now segregate the rights of human beings by invisible ‘genetic traits’ but the slogan of superiority is still there written in segregate laws for Jiminy Crow for whom race protection laws are but a skin-deep thing that has yet to protect or defend.

Here are a few common Jiminy Crow principles as handed down by the sane bigot:x-xi

  1. Jiminy Crow is equal but his rights must be segregate.

  2. Jiminy Crow is always to receive the same consideration when he is innocent as when he is actually guilty.

  3. Jiminy Crow must not be allowed to try to prove his innocence in court in normal due process should the court deny him the plea of simple innocence prior to his trial.

  4. Jiminy Crow’s legal representation may override his decisions by permission of the court he is defendant to, assigning him instead a segregate insanity plea, and it is considered a sign of neutrality on the part of the judge to then consider his confinement without considering whether he is guilty.

  5. Innocent Jiminy Crow is told by the bigot that in protesting this segregate insanity plea he is being discriminatory against himself. He must comply with the advocacy of those that believe they are superior to him.

  6. Jiminy Crow is so hard not to kill that police must receive special education and brutality allowances for a learning curve that will ensure seldom prosecuted errors.

  7. Jiminy Crow suffers from problems unique to Jiminy Crow that kill him when specially educated police electrocute him with a Jiminy Crow stick {electrocution gun}, as trained.xii

  8. It is too bad that Jiminy Crow gets so excitedly delirious {excited delirium}xiii that getting too much electricity actually kills him. But it is not the bigot’s fault even if it was expected that he was excitable or vulnerable under medication, his death is not important: he cannot die a ‘normal’ death for he is not a ‘normal’ person.

  9. Jiminy Crow must never be allowed to serve on a police force,xiv-xv jury,xvi or legal system of any kind. He must even receive a doctor’s special permission to apply for the license of a private investigator.xvii Therefore his representation begins and ends with others enforcing their laws upon him.

  10. Jiminy Crow has the right to be informed to comply with his treatment.

  11. Jiminy Crow may see police and be handcuffed when he only requires an ambulance.

  12. Jiminy Crow must be taught to distrust others like him.

  13. Jiminy Crow must be treated en masse to segregate policies but should be discouraged from recognizing that he has thusly been made into a people.

  14. Jiminy Crow has a contested right to be converted to any belief originated by others but must never be allowed to originate his own beliefs spiritual or philosophic and may be ‘treated’ involuntarily to make him appear to comply appropriately by dispensing with claims to whatever others may have declared not valid even as his individual beliefs. First Amendment religious freedoms are alright for bigots but may be forbidden Jiminy on pains of confinement, drugging, and electric torture.

  15. Jiminy Crow must be made to understand that his genes set himself apart from the human race even in human rights but that race equality protections shall never be shared with his kind because they are the unequal of everyone else.

  16. Any unsolved crime not understood is by default blamable on Jiminy Crow and may be ‘expertly’ profiled as a Jiminy Crow type crime even before police or media have and actual suspect to accuse.

  17. Jiminy Crow is assumed to be guilty unless somehow proven innocent despite the fact that he himself was denied a plea to prove it himself.

  18. Whenever involuntary, Jiminy Crow is automatically assumed incompetent unless somehow proven competent, in spite of refusing to be voluntarily fixed for incompetence. If he gives it up it just goes to show that he is now proven incompetent because he didn’t fight from that compromised position he was offered by the Sane folks.

  19. If Jiminy Crow ever wishes to leave the hospital he must first commit the fraud of signing discharge papers that stipulate he has improved from a bad condition. Otherwise he may be held prisoner by his treatment indefinitely.

  20. What is regarded as ‘cruel and unusual’ treatment of a criminal is humane when forced on Jiminy Crow regardless of whether crime was even a factor and is billable as simply ‘treatment’.xviii

  21. Jiminy Crow is a strain on society and not easily employable therefore Jiminy must be satisfied on welfare and not complain about lack of opportunities.xix

  22. Jiminy Crow is a consumer without power whom may be held indefinitely while monies are paid by the state per-capita of Jiminy Crow but Jiminy never even as the individual ‘consumer’ has the right to direct who may or may not take funds upon his involuntary behalf.

  23. Bondage devices made exclusively for human innocents are illegal for corporations to own or employ unless in order to restrain and subdue incompetent, inferior, disabled, Jiminy Crow whom just didn’t know what he really wanted until the bigots tied him down and told him.xx

  24. Jiminy Crow may be exploited for money ransomed as a consumer against his will and threatened with segregate treatments bringing serious bodily ramifications to his involuntary person but is absolutely crazy for calling himself a psychiatric slave even when other Jiminy Crows around the globe are cawing about it; all around his world.

  25. Jiminy Crow is too impatient and is in everybody else’s way all the time unless he is in isolation as an inpatient where he may be safely ignored at length. There he is still occupying expensive space and though he is involuntary he is always still the only one whom should be blamed for being forced there.

  26. Society always accommodates Jiminy Crow, not the other way around.

Q: How may we support our king, Martin Luther Junior’s dream of founding the IAACM: The International Association for the Advancement of the Creatively Maladjusted?xxi

As the most diverse ethnic group to date, we need only look to one another to make the M.L.K. dream a reality.

Equality cannot be called a dream for some and a delusion for others: those to argue thus are the only ones living under a true falsehood because equality by its very definition is a street that must run both ways merely to be truly an actual reality.

We must remain maladjusted to any substitute to this equal reality. We together can creatively advance all peoples mixed with our own Mad or otherwise while asserting Mad ethnicity. We thereby institute a paradigm-shift away from arguing obscurely against one unfair horror-treatment at a time by leave of a sanist agenda in a sanist’s own bigoted sphere of false authority.

The bigot’s agenda of using as a base argument some ‘medically involuntary psychological effectiveness’ is on very unsound grounds… the bigot must forever make opaque arguments and forever invent brand new terminology to obscure again old controversyxxii while covering the excesses with printed paper degrees asserting in essence a ‘psychological superiority’ to intimidate ordinary, yet more aware, people whom can already apply equality better.

We can therefore rightly argue to eliminate any involuntarily coerced segregate treatment because it is unequally applied. We can challenge the reasoning of the bigot’s true agenda of segregation of the Mad by the bigoted rationale of our genetic, cultural, and/or circumstantial inferiority to him. Then the bigot’s stand for a psychological superiority by biology, culture, and environment will eventually become unstable enough to overthrow him from his dictatorship over the public’s conscious. We must bring this so called ‘expert’ back down to the base issue of equality that any unbigoted member of the public can understand with or without a college degree. And thereby challenge all those whom claim to be intelligent but cannot even equally measure equality in practical applications. We must not live in dictated shame but instead invest ourselves in Mad pridexxiii for in us lies the hope of the consciousness of others: we must not let others cure ANY people of equality!

To clarify and resist obscure and lengthy bigoted inventions, ethnically Mad Jiminy Crow will speak of his visions of complete ethnic equality and use his talents to find creative ways to make the dream less of a delusion for children of the future.

Already there have been created many fun ways to involve and include the non-sanist whom wishes to join our Mad community cause.

We must not sit and wait for a bigoted society that has tried for hundreds of years unsuccessfully to integrate us by force into their community: instead we must open our vastly sensitive hearts and make even more room inside them to actively seek ways to joyfully integrate the lost in this world that chose to come into our own Mad community of talented ethnic mental dissidents.

We must wage a Mad pacifist peace campaign for equality that keeps no involuntary boundaries and knows no surrender to hateful determinism.

The sanist has struggled unsuccessfully to create a solid definition of mental inferiority that would stand the test of time. To that aim he has created literally hundreds of labels meant to divide the Mad community into fragmented pieces and yet for all his efforts has still not succeeded in convincing the Mad of his rationale. We are a strong mentality.

The sanist has also proven himself unable to divide the Mad from the Sane reliably enough to maintain public approval for many of those labels once invented.xxiv What all this proves is that though we are neither superior nor inferior to the Sane, those who argue equality from the standpoint of Madness and call out their ‘delusions’ or ‘dreams’ of equality: which are just; will always have an advantage in arguing for equality. You cannot say: “You are not Mad, you are just crazy.”

Arguments for mental equality will benefit the mental dissidentsxxv arguing against the bigot for any group the bigots invent to persecute in the future, for by protecting the non-violent Mad you protect constitutional free speech amendments as well and allow a sympathetic public to organize peacefully for equality upon an already established issue. Indeed, you may ignore the peaceful protestor as ‘Mad’ but not harm him for drawing a crowd. The echo to everyone who was ever opposed in advancing human rights was: “Silence that Mad dissident!” …where nonviolent Mad persons have equal protections, a common basis for all equality protections can be advanced and the advancement protected by the free public both Mad and Sane more readily.

We Mad have a right to object to the criminal profiling of Mad ethnicity: we are the stakeholders, and again, argue both for reforms for the wrongly accused and prosecution equality for all so that all possible victims receive equal protection from offenders.

The staple of the bigot is fear, and the staple of the Mad Jiminy Crow law is the sanist’s unequal insanity defense for crimes against the person.

It has long been the bigoted excuse against all reforms of the justice system to simply divert the wrongly accused of serious charge, avoid blame for the guilty and powerful, or just distract the public from the impact of heavy charges for very petty offenses that would fund prison expansions to near infinity without improving the circumstances of any but the most rich.xxvi It is the bigot’s scheme to forever mix the unprotected innocents of Mad ethnicity with truly dangerous criminals by false advocacy and false protections for those that the system will jeopardize in safety in such a mixed grouping of guilt or innocence untried. We must speak out to protect the innocent whom have been denied justice from being imprisoned with the guilty people whom assault them by demanding the event of equality as pledged in quote: “…justice for all.”xxvii

It has also long been the sanist weapon of choice to profile the innocent Mad never formally charged with even minor offense by attempts to stigmatize with a future violent crime that has not even occurred and then irrationally diverting him to indefinite internment in the expensive hospital to ‘prevent’ Jiminy Crow’s supposed ‘future’. To fund this they would happily bankrupt the global economy and appear to be hard at work on it now.xxviii-xxix

We are obviously not to blame for this sanist infection of the legal system where we never had equal rights to begin with. We were never consulted when the status quo created the insane defenses in the first place: our voice by the very definition contained within the insanity laws is considered inferior.

However, we must not lose heart and continue to speak even in our segregated voice wherever it can be heard against this and any other abuse of human equality simply because the sanist never will for us. Equality is a street that must run both ways and the sanist has attempted to block it both ways so that he may deny equality to all innocents both Sane and otherwise, forever.

We must call attention to this unethical sanist hindrance that is unethically based on superiority of Sane ethnicity. We most urgently have to speak out now to prevent the perpetuation of more of the bigot’s other hate groups resting secure that their individual members may commit hate crimes and political assassinations while they rely on their sanist’s insanity defense to exempt all hate groups from legal examination or community scrutiny when these rejoice in the killing of other divisions of the Sane by skin color et-cetra. For if creating individualized legal immunities after the fact for hatred-motivated murder is not truly sponsoring terrorist groups what else can truly be called so?xxx-xxxi

We must unite to cut off the sanist with the other bigots for the sanist has now become their root in modern times. Hate is very alive today and is only partially underground. This is apparent from the ‘papers please’ laws argued in the southwest very obviously created and advertised continually for profiling Latino Americans by virtue of the ‘immigration from’ problemxxxii -xxxiii to the ‘dangerous Islamic religious background’ profilingxxxiv -xxxv argued internationally while oil profit soars in the face of protracted foreign wars.

It is apparent from the forceful exploitation by colonialist corporations ignoring the human rights of indignant indigenous peoples around the world because labor and environmental laws stop at borders that money flows right on through.xxxvi-xxxvii It is apparent watching the terror of random public profiling by security officials to commit willful molestations on ordinary innocents of all ages at American airports while corporate interests profit from the sales of pornography machines. xxxviii The order is: comply or else and do not protest the institution or else. True patriots defend and do not undress the constitution. True pacifists call for peace at home and not just abroad. May we call for patriotic peace before the opposite destroys all we hold dear and even the Sane are subject to psychiatric-style molestation stripping-and-groping even outside the hospital in the so called community?

As a most diverse people; we Mad hold a unique advantage to halting the disturbing spread of modern hate and violence: the more powerful peaceful diversity within ourselves. Due to a massive Big Pharma collaboration with diagnostics it is true that we grow in numbers every passing day. We are kin to every single family that calls itself Sane as we Mad spring from within them. We are poised most advantageously for all our vast disadvantages to instead raise the awareness of a peaceful conscious in that human family. Those few of us today who are Mad and realizing now our unique Mad ethnicity’s equality, are in a sense paving a road for masses to come together some tomorrow for the just cause of prolonged peace among diverse ethnicities all throughout the spectrum.

In the past we were always divided by the sanist segregation from knowing other Mad people in our community.

Yet even though we were kept isolated and apart as Mad individuals a cursory examination of history will easily show that many of us were instead always striking out against bigots targeting skin deep minorities, which we could see. We fought singly like stigma earning anti-social Henry D. Thoreau,xxxix or discreetly like infamously melancholy Abraham Lincoln.xl So instead of the help we could not give ourselves we in turn helped whatever desperate soul was outside of us for without access to both our own Mad people and the freedom of community we could have had no ground to bargain together on and yet; it appears we often quenched some of that thirst for equality by drinking in another’s difficulty and seeing to those needs first that paved another road of general ethnic equality tread by both the Mad and Sane today. We had no color to search for upon a face so that we might come together: we were that diverse and we still are. It is crucial to fight not only the bigot in our diverse community now but the sanist that strikes against us all. We must seek out one another!

Solutions: Here are some good ways any of us can today advance psychological ‘creative maladjustment’ like that proudly claimed by M.L.K.xli without the sanist’s help even locked within our segregated but ever expansive ethnically Mad community.

  1. Celebrate the full diversity of ethnic Madness by learning all you can about the Mad and traditional civil rights movements and history for both are your people’s history.

  2. Whenever you have the opportunity to become bilingual advance your skills to unite your community. First world psychiatry is announcing its goals to expand to other culturesxlii and the need for bilingual inclusion in the Mad activist community is critical to ensure that everyone receives equal representation and can access interpreters that share diagnosis and do not consider the person trying to speak as ‘inferior mentally’ before they even open their mouth or start signing. All in the Mad community need the tools to fight sanists for an individual’s right to maintain cherished individualistic diversity in the face of what is ‘culturally appropriate’ constraining individuals to comply with brand new outsider mechanisms of “You are not correct for your minority’s culture.”

  3. Be alert to the plight of all Jiminy Crows, Mad or otherwise, in your local area and advocate equality wherever you have opportunity. Reach out to all other minorities to more fully comprehend and own the beautiful diversity of your own Mad family.

  4. Those whom have a talent of artistic creative expression should express equality using their art.

  5. Wherever you can, educate those whom truly thirst for equality about Mad ethnicity.

  6. Psychiatric slaves: celebrate contracting that drapetomaina! A slave’s thirst for freedom must never be cured and never forgotten but instead ever upheld and cherished.xliii

  7. Welcome ANY whom will fight equally for equality and support them for full inclusion in the Mad community when these too chose to claim Madness rather than continue to accept normalized injustice.

  8. In the true words of our king, M.L.K.: “WE SHALL OVERCOME!”xliv

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